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Thanks for your support of our show and interest in joining us on Blue Collar Bitcoin Podcast.  We appreciate you taking the time to reach out!  We are currently getting a plethora of requests from people to come on the show.  As career firefighter/paramedics on different 24 hour shifts with young families, we only record one episode per week, spots are limited, and we typically schedule out months in advance. This coupled with a long list of people we’ve already prioritized talking to means there is unfortunately no way we can say yes to the majority of those who ask to come on.  We typically do not take requests to come on the show.


If you have not been on the show already and you still have interest, feel free to send us an email with the subject line: "BCB Guest Request."  Please provide introduction to you, why you think you could provide a unique discussion for us and our audience, and links to any of your relevant speaking & writing.  If there is a fit at some point in the future, we will reach back out. 


We appreciate your interest, and we genuinely wish we had unlimited time to talk to everyone.


All the best!

Dan & Josh

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